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Welcome to CNG Connection brought to you by The Gas Connection! We are your source for all things related to compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. CNG Connection can provide the installation, maintenance, and service of public fueling stations, home fueling appliances, and fleet fueling solutions. If you want to convert your current vehicle to CNG, we can do that as well! If your interest is to purchase or lease a new CNG vehicle, we would be happy to assist you in this rewarding process. CNG Connection is here to meet all your natural gas vehicle needs!
At CNG Connection, our goals are to lower fueling costs for businesses and individuals, make refueling more convenient, increase U.S. energy independence, and reduce pollution by utilizing clean natural gas to power vehicles.
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CNG Connection works with the top CNG appliance manufacturers like Bauer and BRC FuelMaker to provide the best CNG solutions for YOU. Fueling your vehicle with CNG is safe and convenient. Imagine the ease involved in being able to fuel your vehicle at your home's garage overnight (while you sleep!), avoiding the hassle and cost of filling up at a public gas station! Business owners, you will be able to fill your fleet overnight with time-fill stations, or, for larger fleets, you have the option to install fast-fill stations that will refuel your vehicles in the same time it takes to fill gasoline vehicles. CNG conversion provides huge cost savings and is good for the environment!
The Gas Connection is the authorized FuelMaker Master Distributor for the Rocky Mountain Region which includes Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Contact The Gas Connection today to learn more!