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Fleet and Industry Refueling Solutions

Fill up your CNG vehicles at your work site!

With fast-fill and time-fill appliances you can fill up your CNG vehicle at work safely, practically, and economically.
There are many industrial refueling appliance options for company fleet refueling. These appliances can conveniently be installed at a company premise, and the natural gas consumption is directly charged to your natural gas bill.

Our Offering

The Gas Connection is truly your one-stop-shop for all things related to CNG appliances and vehicles:
  • We can assist in CNG appliance installation, service, purchase, and leasing.
  • We can arrange vehicle conversion, new vehicle purchase, and vehicle leasing.
Fleet time-fill and fast-fill refueling


We've partnered with the top CNG compressor/appliance manufacturers in the world to provide the best options for your industrial requirements.
Man Filling CNG Forklift


Low Capital Cost
Allows the convenience & economic benefits of on-site natural gas refueling.
Simple Operation
Users of fast-fill refueling appliances will appreciate the ease of operation.
Proven Reliability
Electronic self-diagnostics constantly monitor the systems operations.
Safety Features
Automatic shut-off in the event of a leak, hose damage or inadvertant drive-away.
Electronc & mechanical measurement controls will ensure safe, unattended, reliable operations.