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Comparing Fuel Cost - Natural Gas Vs. Gasoline

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Calculate Your Annual Fuel Savings

In a few simple steps you can use your current energy bill to calculate what your average annual fuel savings could be if you drove a natural gas vehicle and filled your car at home with a safe refueling appliance. Some of the details of the calculations can be tricky so we've provided you with a calculator to make it simple!
Therms Used (from your energy bill):
Cost of Therms (from your energy bill in $):
Average Cost of Gas per Gallon ($):
Average Miles Driven per Year:
Average MPG of Your Vehicle:
Xcel Energy Sample Bill

Conversion Statistics

1 Therm = 100,000 BTUs
(U.C. Irvine, Physics and Astronomy)
1 gallon of gasoline = 125,000 BTUs

Example of fuel savings

  • Average gallon of gasoline: $3.48
  • Average CNG: approx $1.00/gge
  • Savings per gallon: $2.49 per gallon
  • Average miles driven per year: 15,000
  • Average miles per gallon: 22 MPG
  • Average gallons of fuel used: 681

Estimated annual savings: $1695