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Fill Up Your CNG Car Right At Home!

With a time-fill appliance you can fill up your vehicle at home safely, practically, and economically.
Time-fill appliances let you refuel your natural gas vehicle indoors or outdoors from your household natural gas line. Filling up is as easy as 1-2-3. Just connect your appliance to your car, press "start", and relax! You can refuel overnight or whenever your CNG vehicle is not in use.

Public CNG Fueling

Filling up your CNG vehicle is very convenient at home but what about when you have to drive on a longer trip? The popularity of CNG vehicles is growing quickly! There are currently over 15 public CNG fueling stations in Colorado, and you will start to see CNG fast-fill pumps at your local gas stations in 2013. We're currently working with companies like Valero, 7-11, and Kum-N-Go to provide CNG pumps all over Colorado. And Colorado isn't the only state pushing forward to provide clean fueling options. There are 34 states that have at least one public compressed natural gas pump. You can find public stations here.

Finding or Converting a Vehicle

We can help you whether you decide to purchase a new vehicle that was manufactured to run on CNG or if you want to have a vehicle you already own converted to run on CNG. You may qualify for tax deductions if you choose to convert your vehicle or purchase a new one. Contact us for more information.


We've partnered with the top CNG compressor/appliance manufacturers in the world to provide the best options for you as a consumer.
CNG Appliance Filling Car at Home


Time-fill appliances refuel a typical compact car overnight, allowing for over 100 miles of travel.
Time-fill appliances produce no more noise than an air conditioning unit.
Time-fill appliances use no more electricity than an average small appliance.
Time-fill appliances are mountable inside or outside a garage.